Earn Free $100 From Facebook Paypal Wishlist Apps


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Paypal.com were giving away free money up to $100 on Facebook paypal wishlist applications. If you looking for free cash and earn money from paypal, than read this carefully because it not waste your time, I’m sure you will like this one. What you need is paypal account and also facebook account.

So what you have to do?

1.) Add paypal wishlist application - just click PaypalWishlist to login to your facebook paypal wishlist, and than the link will bring you into the page, after that you can see in that page some thing like this :

Next, submit your paypal account, once you submit your paypal account (e-mail address), you will earn $1 dollar for free.

Then, invite your friends to add paypal wishlist apps on their facebook you will earn $1 for each of your friends who sign up. But dont be greedy because the maximum income you can earn is only $100.

How to invite firends? Well firstly we have to edit your wishlist!

2.) Edit your wishlist - now just edit your wishlist and choose up to 5 wishlist to share with your friends and after that just save and share.

Now is to time to invite friends so you can make $100 dollars for free from your facebook paypal wichlist apps, dont forget you can earn (only $100).

3.) Invite Friends - to invite your friends you can go to your facebook paypal wishlist apps and than see “invite friends” button page, just click that button and you will see your friends list, after that you can to choose up to 30 friends to invite.

Once they get your invitation and add facebook paypal wishlist apps you will earn $1 for each of your friends.

4.) Get The Money - once you have receive up to the maximum total sum of $100, You will be notified by PayPal no later than February 28th, 2010, via email or any other method as PayPal may from time to time determine, of how much you have earned.


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